Heinz WeldHeinz Weld – Painter, Sculptor and Teacher

Heinz Weld is a versatile and prolific artist, who creates paintings, reliefs and sculptures in small and large dimensions as well as large scale works in public space.  He was trained to work in stone, wood, metal and plastics as a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste) in Munich. Heinz Weld lives and works in Munich.

Heinz Weld is part of the art movement ‘Abstract Expressionism’. He is a member of the ‘Kollektiv Herzogstrasse’, a group of artists whose works have become art collectors’ items. His work is also included in the book ‘Deutsche Kunst Nach 1945’ (German Art Post 1945).

Heinz Weld’s commitment to introducing art into society and every day life led to the foundation with other artists of the groundbreaking ‘Kinderforum’ in the ‘Galerie Van de Loo’ in 1970.  Heinz Weld has been one of the mentors and teachers in the ‘Kinderforum’ since its foundation.

This website shows a selection of Heinz Weld’s work. It is divided into four sections: ‘Paintings’, ‘Reliefs’, ‘Sculptures’, ‘Art in Public Space’ and 'Sculptures in Public Space'. You are invited to browse his work by clicking on the link to the relevant sections or scrawling down. You can find out more about the artist by clicking on the link to the ‘Background to Heinz Weld’s Art’.

Heinz Weld Paintings
Traumraum - 1990. 80 x 105cm,
canvas, acrylic paint
Heinz Weld Paintings
Gruenspan – 2033. 40x60x15 cm,
wood, acrylic paint.
Heinz Weld Paintings
Goasslschnalzer (Whiplash) - 2001.
110 x 60 x 50cm wood
Heinz Weld Paintings
Art in Public Places
Spiegelbild (Mirror Image) - 1990. 280 x 840 x 140cm.
Polystyrene, metal, acrylic paint
Heinz Weld Paintings
Art in Public Space
Bildsegler Farbquellen - 2003. Silkeborg (Denmark)
by Heinz Weld & Armin Saub
Heinz Weld Paintings
Art in Public Space
‘Wasserfaelle’. Installed in a bank in
Munich – 1973. Bronze