Heinz Weld – Publications and Citations


Co-author of:

‘Kinder•Leben•Kunst’, Das Kinderforum.  Otto van de Loo (Ed.) (1995),
Berlin - Muenchen:  Altberliner Verlag GmbH,
ISBN 3-357-00687-1

‘’Kinder•Kunst•Werk’ Otto van de Loo (Ed) (2005),
Muenchen:  Koesel Verlag GmbH
ISBN 3-466-30701-5


Deutsche Kunst Nach 1945’,  Publisher: Gerhard Theewen, Duesseldorf

‘Kollektiv Herzogsstrasse 1 (1977)

‘Kollektiv Herzogsstrasse 2 (1987), Galerie Helmut Leger and Klaus Leger, Munich.

‘Cobra, Spur, Wir, Geflecht’, Kollektiv Herzogsstrasse.   Published by former      group members.

‘Kollektiv Herzogsstrasse in ‘Kunstforum (1991) pp 196 – 199.

Ursula Schaedler-Saub & Angela Weyer (Eds) (2010),
‘Theory and Practice in the Conservation of Modern and Contemporary Art’. London: Archetype Publications Ltd. Published on the occasion of EXPO Hannover 2000.